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The Graduate Program in Ecology & Evolution

Our goal is to offer exceptional training for students pursuing a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology. Our world-renowned faculty, access to resources at multiple institutions, and an intellectually invigorating environment work together to foster the development of innovative and independent scientists.


Casey Richards


Spotlight: Casey Richards named 2022 Tillman Scholar

The Pat Tillman Foundation has announced its 2022 Tillman Scholars, and we are thrilled to recognize Casey Richards -- a 2nd-year doctoral student in the Ecology & Evolution graduate program -- as one of this year's recipients.

The 60 individuals chosen to be 2022 Tillman Scholars were selected from thousands of applicants, all united by their military service, academic passions, and desire to make a tangible impact on their world. The 2022 class of Tillman Scholars join an ever-growing network of leaders dedicated to "service beyond self."  

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Casey Richard and Tim Wootton

Casey Richards

E&E graduate student & 2022 Tillman Scholar