Casey Richards getting ready to go into the field

Casey Richards named 2022 Tillman Scholar

Casey Richards, E&E graduate student & 2022 Tillman Scholar

The Pat Tillman Foundation has announced its 2022 Tillman Scholars, and we are thrilled to recognize Casey Richards -- a 2nd-year doctoral student in the Ecology & Evolution graduate program -- as one of this year's recipients.

The 60 individuals chosen to be 2022 Tillman Scholars were selected from thousands of applicants, all united by their military service, academic passions, and desire to make a tangible impact on their world. The 2022 class of Tillman Scholars join an ever-growing network of leaders dedicated to "service beyond self."  

How did Casey end up in the E&E program? While serving as a meteorologist in the Navy, Casey was struck by the environment's role in influencing people’s actions. Following his second enlistment, he decided to study Ecology at the University of Tennessee, and his work there highlighted how the collapse of an ecosystem can have drastic implications for human populations; this has led Casey to pursue ecological research focused on restoring the natural resources that communities depend upon for survival and income.

The Pat Tillman Foundation identifies remarkable military service members, veterans and spouses, and empowers them with academic scholarships, lifelong leadership development opportunities, and a diverse, global community of high-performing mentors and peers. Tillman Scholars explore and develop comprehensive solutions to issues ranging from water scarcity, to human rights, to national security.