Karen Abbott
Consumer-resource interactions, population synchrony, and cycles : population dynamics in time and space, 2006
Advisor: Greg Dwyer
Current Position: Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University
Hiroshi Akashi
Natural selection and the population genetics of synonymous DNA mutations in Drosophila, 1996
Advisor: Marty Kreitman
Current Position: Professor, National Institute of Genetics, Japan
Susan C. Alberts
Maturation and dispersal in male baboons: (Papio cynocephalus), 1992
Advisor: Jeanne Altmann
Current Position: Professor, Duke University
Kevin Allan Dixon
Microgeographic variation in sexual selection in the mountain spiny lizard, Sceloporous jarrovi, 1993
Advisor: Stevan Arnold
Alison Anastasio
The Role of Local Adaptation in Natural Populations of Arabidopsis thaliana, 2009
Advisor: Joy Bergelson
Current Position: Lecturer, University of Chicago
Robert Arthur
Computational Approaches Toward the Integration of Functional and Comparative Data in the Evolution of Gene Regulation, 2015
Advisor: Ilya Ruvinsky
Current Position: statistical analyst at FiveThirtyEight
Casey Bergman
Evolutionary analyses of transcriptional control sequences in Drosophila, 2002
Advisor: Marty Kreitman
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Gerogia
Misha Blizard
Dynamics of polyandry in spotted sandpipers (Actitis macularius): ornamentation, reproductive success, and testosterone, 2017
Advisor: Stephen Pruett-Jones
Current Position: Adjunct Professor, North Central College
Natasha Bloch
Evolution of visual pigments in old and new world warblers: from genes to functions, 2014
Advisor: Trevor Price
Current Position: postdoctoral researcher at University College London
Kevin Britton-Simmons
Establishment, spread, and impact of the introduced Japanese seaweed, Sargassum muticum, in the San Juan Islands, Washington, 2003
Advisor: Cathy Pfister
Current Position: CEO, Scotsman Guide Media