Current Student Resources

Student Info, Forms & Biosciences Resources

E&E Student Handbook, 2023-2024: details on program requirements, deadlines, progress towards the Ph.D.

E&E Department Grievance Resources: an internally developed guide to assist students, faculty and staff with navigating concerns, problems, and complaints related to work, education, workplace, or co-workers, across the Department and the University.

BSD Laboratory Rotation form: documents faculty approval for rotation in their lab, specifies academic and training goals

Committee meeting form

UChicago Remote Learning support: includes sections/links supporting remote learning for students with disabilities, and for international students where time-zone differences create particular challenges, as well as Title IX resources and other student services, and also information on national and international crisis resources

Choosing your Research Mentor: an initiative of the BSD Dean's Council, this guide by and for UC Biosciences students will assist you in identifying your research mentor

Reimbursements & Payment Requests

Student Certification of Business-Related Reimbursement: please submit with all reimbursement requests

Hinds Fund Awards: instructions for submitting payment requests

Computing Resources

UChicago Research Computing Center - provides a high-performance computing center, including visualization resources, access to software, workshops, one-on-one consulting with domain experts, and complete data-management strategies to researchers across all departments

UChicago student software discounts

Quantitative Genetics Resources - provides web links addressing issues in quantitative genetics, i.e., animal breeding, plant breeding, evolutionary genetics, human genetics

Software Carpentry - teaching basic lab skills for research computing