Carlos Calzada

Stephen Pruett-Jones
Katja Della Libera, IB doctoral student

Katja Della Libera

Office: Erman 010:
I work on the ecology of the human gut microbiome, more specifically its interactions with the host genome in health and disease.
Ran Blekhman

Katherine Dixon

Office: Erman 103:
In my research, I use a combination of mathematical modeling and transmission experiments in the field to study how host diet and climate play a role in patterns of pathogen variation at multiple scales in the Douglas-fir tussock moth-baculovirus system.
Greg Dwyer

Ben Epley

Office: Erman 010:
I am interested in the evolution of molecular systems at the protein level. How do proteins evolve to fulfill their roles, and what can this tell us about the systems as a whole?

Natasha Ershova

Office: Zoology 401A:
I am focused on the ecological role of parasites in marine communities, specifically the role of trematode parasites in intertidal snails.
Cathy Pfister

Paula Fernandez-Begne

Office: Zoology 202B:
I study the functional causes and consequences of host plant changes in Pierinae butterflies, and will use a combination of functional genetics, comparative phylogenomics, transcriptomics, and biochemical assays in my research to do so.
Marcus Kronforst
Leo Ferreira, E&E doctoral student

Leo Ferreira

Office: Erman 010:
I study the development of mathematical models of epidemics, and I am especially interested in the interplay of disease transmission, climate, and public policies.

Kristina Fialko

Trevor Price

Brandon Grandison

Office: Erman 010:
I am broadly interested in computational and theoretical approaches to coevolutionary processes in ecology and epidemiology, particular through a social/behavioral lens. As well as natural-human coupled systems.

Rowan Hart

Office: Erman 010:
I am interested in developing computational methods to study the evolution of natural populations, and hope to take advantage of novel sequencing data and ancient DNA in my research.