Faculty and Trainers

Professor, Ecology & Evolution
I am a theoretical ecologist studying mostly ecological networks. I am interested in the dynamics of large ecological communities, models for network structure, and the...
Professor, BSD Academic Admin
We study the ecology and evolution of plant – pathogen interactions, focusing primarily on Arabidopsis thaliana and the bacteria that reside within it. Our approach is...
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
I am a Professor of Ecology and Evolution and Associate Faculty in Sociology. I am also the Inaugural Director of the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation and...
Instructor, Ecology & Evolution
Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolution
Broadly, my group investigates the coevolution of pathogens and hosts’ adaptive immunity. We use computational and mathematical tools to test hypotheses and to advance...
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
My lab studies the ecology and evolution of pathogens, and how pathogens drive the evolution and population dynamics of their hosts. Two major questions that we ask...
Marty Kreitman photo
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
We study adaptation and speciation, with a special focus on the genetic basis of wing pattern mimicry in butterflies. Other topics of study in the lab include mate...
Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolution
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
Since my doctoral study in California in the early 1990s, I have been focusing on the study of a new and major scientific problem: How does a gene originate and evolve...