Resources for Applicants / Prospective Students

The graduate program in Ecology & Evolution welcomes applications from students interested in the ecological and evolutionary processes that underlie patterns of life on earth. Applications are processed through the Division’s Office of Graduate Affairs. E&E students conduct research at all levels of biological organization, from gene regulation to entire ecosystems, working in laboratories or in the field on a variety of organisms and ecological communities. 

If you are considering applying to the Ph.D. program in Ecology & Evolution, here are some suggestions to prepare and strengthen your application:

  • Review E&E program requirements and BSD admissions information
  • Browse the list of our faculty, and identify the laboratories most aligned with your research interests
  • Reach out to current students working in those labs, to learn about ongoing projects and training opportunities, and to get a feel for each lab's methods and climate
  • Reach out and contact these professors, asking whether they are planning on taking students, and to explore research opportunities in their labs
  • Contact current and previous lab members, to gather useful information on life in that laboratory, the career outcomes of alumni, and expectations for graduate students
  • Consider applying for independent fellowships. For example, many of our applicants apply to the NSF GRFP, which provides three years of financial support
  • If you have questions about the program, please contact us!
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