E&E receives training grant in Quantitative Ecology

Oct 25, 2021
By DS admin

The Department of Ecology & Evolution, and its affiliated PhD training program, has been awarded a GAANN training grant through the U.S. Department of Education, focused on Quantitative Ecology

As a result of this new funding, the E&E graduate program is seeking a diverse cohort of PhD students interested in applying quantitative ecological methodology to issues in the study of ecological systems and global change ecology, including but not limited to research in: the ecology of disease; interactions of species in nature; the theory of ecological change; population structure of species; and global change across diverse ecosystems.

The E&E Steering Committee for the Quantitative Ecology GAANN is comprised of Cathy Pfister, Stefano Allesina, Tim Wootton, Mercedes Pascual, and Cara Brook. For additional information, please review the E&E GAANN: Training for Change page on our site. If you are interested in applying, please see our resources and tips for applicants.