Faculty and Trainers

Professor, Ecology & Evolution
My research in ecology has focused on the dynamics of species in marine systems and the role they play at ecosystems scales. Two recurring themes in my research are the...
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
Trevor Price is a Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolution. His main research interests are on Himalayan biodiversity, of birds and trees especially, the...
Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolution
Research: Sexual selection, evolution of mating systems, communication, population biology of birds, introduced species, damselflies
Professor, Statistics
My laboratory is engaged in a long term project to understand how DNA sequence specifies biological form. We are interested not only in the specification of typical...
Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolution
In my research, I develop computational and statistical methods for population genomics analysis to investigate the forces underlying evolution and genetic variation in...
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
My lab studies the mechanisms by which protein functions evolve. We do this by phylogenetically reconstructing the histories of ancient proteins and then synthesizing...
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
My research focuses on the ecological and evolutionary consequences of interactions among organisms. My work centers on how multi-species systems function and on...
Professor, Ecology & Evolution