Sarah Cobey

Associate Professor
Research Summary
Broadly, my group investigates the coevolution of pathogens and hosts’ adaptive immunity. We use computational and mathematical tools to test hypotheses and to advance theory. Our earlier work focused on the evolutionary consequences of immune-mediated competition between different pathogen strains, including pneumococcus, human papillomavirus, and especially influenza. More recently, our focus has expanded to include the related dynamics of the host immune response. We are investigating the evolution of antibody repertoires within hosts over time, in particular to identify the roles of infection history, chance, vaccination, and host genetics in generating the diversity of B cell responses. This research involves linking epidemiological and immunological observations of B cells to the antigenic and genetic evolution of influenza viruses. Consequently, it makes extensive use of longitudinal dynamical models of individuals and birth cohorts as well as techniques from molecular evolution to investigate coevolution across scales. Understanding the dynamics of vaccination is another area of focus. We have investigated the actual and expected impacts of vaccines against pneumococcus, human papillomavirus, and influenza. With influenza, we have been investigating the impact of the vaccine on viral transmission and local evolution and how immune history might reduce the vaccine’s effectiveness and alter selective pressures. Improving vaccination strategies given hosts’ diverse immune histories and the potential for rapid evolution by the pathogen is a long-term aim of our work. Ultimately, we want to explain coevolution sufficiently well to enable prediction, or at least to determine when prediction is not feasible.
coevolution, infectious disease dynamics, influenza, mathematical modeling, vaccination, B cells
  • Princeton University, AB Ecology & Evolution 2002
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, PhD Ecology & Evolution 2009
  • Harvard School of Public Health, Postdoctoral Infectious disease dynamics 2013
Biosciences Graduate Program Association
Awards & Honors
  • 2002 - Phi Beta Kappa Princeton University
  • 2002 - Senior Book Prize, Ecology & Evolution Princeton University
  • 2002 - Sigma Xi Society Princeton University
  • 2005 - NSF Graduate Research Fellowship University of Michigan
  • 2011 - NIH Kirchstein National Research Service Award Harvard School of Public Health
  • 2014 - James S. McDonnell Foundation Complex Systems Scholar Award University of Chicago
  • 2014 - NIH New Innovator Award University of Chicago
  • 2016 - Neubauer Faculty Development Fellowship University of Chicago
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