Mark Novak
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Advisor: Tim Wootton
Current Position: Associate Professor, Oregon State University
Douglas Nutter
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Advisor: Tim Wootton
Current Position: Director of Institutional Research, Bowie State University
Shyril O'Steen
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Advisor: Stevan Arnold
Current Position: Senior Scientist, Fred Hutch
H. Allen Orr
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Advisor: Jerry Coyne
Current Position: Shirley Cox Kearns Professor of Biology, University of Rochester
Michael Palopoli
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Advisor: Chung-I Wu
Current Position: Professor, Bowdoin College
Nathaniel Pearson
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Advisor: Bruce Lahn
Current Position: Founder, Root Deep Insight
Daniel Perez
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Advisor: Chung-I Wu
Karl Polivka
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Advisor: Cathy Pfister
Current Position: Research Fisheries Biologist, US Forest Service
Sylvia Ranjeva
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Advisor: Sarah Cobey
Current Position: Enrolled in medical school
Stephanie Rollmann
Courtship pheromone effects on female receptivity in a plethodontid salamander, 2000
Advisor: Marty Kreitman
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati