JJ Emerson
Evolution of genomic novelties, 2006
Advisor: Manyuan Long
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of California at Irvine
Michael Fitzsimons
Environmental Determinants of Microbial Community Composition and its Relevence to Ecosystems, 2009
Advisor: Tim Wootton and Mike Miller
Current Position: Senior Application Scientist, Maverix Biomics
Samuel Flores
Reproductive biology of Ludwigia peploides peploides and Ludwigia peploides glabrescens, 1989
Advisor: Doug Schemske
Current Position: Professor, Universidad del Turabo
Pauline Fujita
Combining models with empirical data to examine dispersal mechanisms in the gypsy moth-nucleopolyhedrovirus host-pathogen system, 2007
Advisor: Greg Dwyer
Current Position: Bioinformatics Programmer, UCSF Institute for Human Genetics
Molly Gallagher
Combining high-performance computing and ecological field experiments to understand insect outbreaks, 2017
Advisor: Greg Dwyer
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Emory
Liping Gao
Polymorphism and fitness effects of resistance genes in Arabidopsis thaliana, 2008
Advisor: Joy Bergelson
Current Position: Director of Analytics, TMX Credit
Pamela Geddes
Effect of terrestrial subsidies on structure, functioning, and dynamics of food webs in pond ecosystems, 2004
Advisor: Mathew Leibold
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Northeastern Illinois University
Erica Goss
Ecology and evolution of the interaction between the plant host Arabidopsis thaliana and its natural bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas viridiflava, 2005
Advisor: Joy Bergelson
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Paul Grabowski
Disentangling the processes that shape genetic diversity in a widespread, polyploid grass: insights from new genomic methods, 2014
Advisor: Joy Bergelson
Current Position: computational biologist at Hudson Alpha
Emma Greig
Vocal Communication in Splendid Fairy Wrens (Malurus splendens), 2010
Advisor: Stephen Pruett-Jones
Current Position: Project Leader, Cornell Lab of Ornithology