Kevin Bullaughey
The evolution of gene regulatory architecture, insights from modeling natural selection and biological function, 2012
Advisor: Molly Przeworski
Current Position: chief scientific officer at Genome Appliances
Jonathan Chase
Size-structured interactions and multiple domains of attraction in pond food webs, 1999
Advisor: Mathew Leibold and Tim Wootton
Current Position: Head of Research Group Biodiversity Synthesis, iDiv
Sidi Chen
Origin of essential functions and evolution of phenotypes, 2011
Advisor: Manyuan Long
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine
Julie Collens
Interactions Between Mating System, Dispersal and Genetic Structure in Kelp, 2009
Advisor: Cathy Pfister
Current Position: Manager, Market Development (Complex Disease), Illumina
Andrew W. Davis
Genetic and phenotypic analysis of hybrid sterility between three sibling species of Drosophila : D. simulans, D. mauritiana, and D. sechellia, 1994
Advisor: Chung-I Wu
Kathleen Donohue
The evolution of seed disperal in Cakile edentula var. lacustis, 1993
Advisor: Ellen Simms
Current Position: Robert F. Durden Professor of Biology, Duke University
Amy Downing
The role of biological diversity for the functioning and stability of pond ecosystems, 2001
Advisor: Mathew Leibold and Tim Wootton
Current Position: Alumni Professor of Zoology, Ohio Wesleyan University
Kevin Drury
Effects of movement behavior, space and nonlinearity on interaction rates within and between populations, 2004
Advisor: Greg Dwyer
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Huntington University
John Dumbacher
The ecology and evolution of chemical defense in the avaian genus Pitohui, 1997
Advisor: Stephen Pruett-Jones
Current Position: Curator and Chair of Birds and Mammals at the California Academy of Sciences.
Libby Eakin
The effects of host feeding behavior on insect-pathogen interactions and insect outbreaks, 2012
Advisor: Greg Dwyer
Current Position: Science Educator in Chicago