Newly discovered poison frog species from Colombia is named after victims of the the country's armed conflict.

Nov 7, 2018
By Roberto Márquez

Adult male Andinobates victimatus, a recently poison frog species from Northwestern Colombia

Credit: Roberto Márquez

Graduate student Roberto Márquez, together with a team of Colombian biologists have recently published the description of a new species of poison frog in the genus Andinobates. Using a combination of genetic, morphological, and bioacoustic approaches, the authors found compelling evidence that this species is indeed a separately-evolving lineage from other Andinobates. The new species, which displays stunning bright red coloration, inhabits the Urabá region in Northwestern Colombia, which has been disproportionally affected by armed conflict over the past century. In view of this the authors named it Andinobates victimatus in honor of the innocent victims of armed conflict.