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Image from Shephard, Pridham and Forshaw 2012, “Grassfinches in Australia”

A new paper by Daniel Hooper investigates chromosome inversions in finches: Daniel M. Hooper and Trevor Price “Rates of karyotypic evolution in Estrildid finches differ between island and continental clades”  Evolution 69(4):890-903 (2015). This article was evaluated for Faculty of 1000 by Norman Johnson Genomic divergence occurs not only from changes in DNA sequence, but also […]


Natasha Bloch (recent graduate from Trevor Price’s lab) studies the evolution of color vision in birds. She found that in species of New World warblers, the expression of one of the opsins (the color receptors) in females is strongly connected to the sexual dimorphism. Her findings have been recently published in the Proceedings of the […]

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The butterflies used for this study. Photo by Wei Zhang.

Daniela Palmer (Kronforst Lab) uncovers the genetics of mimicry in Swallowtail butterflies.       K. Kunte, W. Zhang, A. Tenger-Trolander, D.H. Palmer, A. Martin, R.D. Reed, S.P. Mullen, and M.R. Kronforst. doublesex is a mimicry supergene Nature 507:229-232 (2014). Mimicry is a common defensive tactic used by various organisms to evade predation. This adaptation […]

Ozzy Osbourne

Our alumni are working in all areas of science and society, but few can boast having worked with rock-stars (…not of the scientific kind)! But that’s exactly what Nathaniel Pearson (EE 2006 graduate) can do: [kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX0culYjU_A” width=400 height=250 maxwidth=900 ]